Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Not Your Grandmas Craft Sale!

CAUTION!!! Copious amounts of linking to awesome handmade sellers to follow:

Once again apologies to my grandma and her craft sales, but we're hauling a carload of our handmade stuff out to Ottawa for the spring version of their "Not Your Grandmas Craft Sale". Tyson will be manning a booth showcasing his amazing handpainted shoes and purses, and my log pillows, owls, pincushions and a bunch of other fun new top secret stuff. The show is THIS SATURDAY (!) so if you happen to be in Ottawa for the weekend, or live there, or have a car and want a mini road trip it's worth it.

The details are:
Where: Jack Purcell Community Center, 320 Jack Purcell Lane
When: Saturday May 10, 2008, 10am-4pm
Cost: $2 admission (plus there's yummy food usually, so bring extra for that, as well as the awesome handmade stuff. Obviously.)

Tyson will be heading out with Marc Simard of Broundoor , Elaine Ho of Roadkill and Yana Gorbulsky of Supayana, but we also happen to know that a few other Montrealers are making the trip (Mike & Devin from Furni, Serah-Marie from Worn Fashion Journal, Angela from HoneyFlower, Sam & Sara from Pin Pals, Dana from Damned Dollies and Hilary from Catchframes). "It's a Montreal jamb-o-roo!" as Tyson would say. I would say it's just plain lots of fun, so head out if you can.

If you're not able to head out to Ottawa though, stop by HQ and say hi to ME, 'cause I'll be sticking around taking care of the shop and hopefully helping many a lovely lady find a perfect summer dress for those hot summer days that are just around the corner...

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serah-marie said...

also attending from Montreal with love is Dana from Damned Dollies and Sam & Sara from Pin Pals!

yay Team Montreal!

The HQ Duo said...

Awesome, I'm going to add them to the post!