Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flipping for my Flip

So if any of you stopped by HQ on Saturday you probably noticed neither Tyson nor I were there. Well, it was our 5 year anniversary so I thought it would be nice to arrange for our two lovely friends (Jill and Yana) to take care of the shop so Tyson could have an actual long weekend.

The anniversary day was wonderful, and Tyson pulled out a big surprise first thing. A Flip video camera! I'd seen one of these little guys in a magazine and said "ooh, this would be a good birthday present for me..." but the smartie pants got it post haste instead. Turns out they are not available in Canada (not sure why) so he had to order it on Ebay, but it showed up quickly and fully packaged, so no stress there.

"So what the heck does this have to do with me?" you may be asking yourself? Well, it means a much more interesting blog, hopefully. Now that Flickr has added video hosting to it's usual photo abilities, I'll be making small videos and posting them on the blog easy peasy. I believe "the kids" call this video podcasting.

So far my plans are to do:
- Gallery tours for each show we put on
- Designer interviews
- Vernissage coverage
- videos of jokes I play on Tyson
- Studio tours of artists/designers, showing their work process, working area, etc.
- filming my dogs alot. But that won't go on the blog. Promise.

Any other ideas of videos you'd like to see? (keep it clean!) Post in the comments!



Victoire said...

Congratulations you two! 5 years, woot woot!

And what an amazing gift/addition to the blog! Can't wait to see the videos you post!

Vanessa Moore said...

Wow!!! How exciting!! Really looking forward to the podcasts!!
I want one of those thingnies!!!
Happy anniversary!!