Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Mirrors, Mouse Pads and Coaster sets from My Favorite Mirror

We just received our latest shipment from one of our favorite US artists, My Favorite Mirror! I've written about Kellee's company many times before, so here's a few quick pics of some of the new designs we got, to add to our usual favorites. (click on the images for bigger versions, as usual)

Above are a couple new designs we've received (artists L-R: Art Nouveau wallpaper print, The Black Apple painting, Kaitlin Kuhwald painting) All the mirrors come packaged with a little bag to protect your mirror, and some info about the artist (web site, etc.)

We also ordered a whole bunch of fun mouse pads! Why use a gross old grey mouse pad from staples when you can gaze at the work of a great independent artist! (above, L-R: Eleanor Grosch armadillo, BoyGirlParty chickadee, Jamie Zollars sea life)

And last but definitely not least, we have some new coaster sets! A new design by Emily (aka. The Black Apple). Her latest set is called "Some Girls" which is appropriately images of some of her favorite girls, but also the name of a Rolling Stones album with fabulous cover art.

I've attached an image of it below for your viewing pleasure, but it's so much better in real life, since the lady faces are actually cutouts, with the Rolling Stones faces printed on the inside sleeve, so you can slide it back and forth to change the hairstyles of the guys. Genius. I am lucky enough to own this album, I have public viewings every thursday at 6pm, WITH an appointment. Ugh, soooo not funny.

And here's another fun new coaster set we ordered in this shipment. Kellee (who is the owner of My Favorite Mirror) is also a graphic designer, and she makes cute retro-y designs for MFM, in this case using images from vintage sewing patterns mixed with adorable plaid backgrounds. So sweet!

We have WAY more than I was able to show you all here, you'll just have to dig through them yourself to find the perfect one for yourself or a friend! Mirrors are $8, mousepads are $16 and the coasters are $20 and come in a nice metal tin. These puppies are perfect for little casual presents, or as an add on to a bigger present. Or heck, a present for yourself!


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