Tuesday, November 18, 2008

blog probs

EDIT: FINALLY! After hours in the help forums I finally figured it out (well, actually some kindly person suggested what I look for)... turns out Tysons posts were corrupted when he decided to accept an error notification. Is there some sort of hidden message here, something about Tyson being responsible for the corruption of todays youth?...who knows...)

Image of the "famed" Confusion Corner in the Peg. Image by CamB on Flickr

Although the photo above may be a really lame example of "confusion" rest assured some major confusement is what I'm feeling right now (btw, I made up the word confusement, it totally doesn't exist. In case some of you were....you know, confused). Some of you regular readers may have noticed our side column seems to have disappeared. We're not sure exactly how this happened, or why, but it's now at the bottom of the blog...yeah, WAAAAY down there. So if you're looking for the important info such as the store address, links to our suppliers, blog archives, submission info and all that other great stuff, it's still here, it's just playing hide-and-seek right now...


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