Thursday, November 06, 2008

First take some feathers, add some feathers... and then some more feathers

handstitched felt, feathers, rectangular shell beads,
vintage round beads, freshwater pearls

I'm really one of those people who gets obsessed with something and just wants to go all out with it. Case in point, the feathered headbands I mentioned previously. I've compulsively bought a whole slew of feathery supplies, and am determined to make each and every headband different!

Handstitched felt, glass beads, metal leaves, rectangle shell beads, feathers

sorry friends, this is the one that Emily scooped up!

I whipped up a few new pieces in time for the Jen Storey exhibition party we had on Saturday (great show by the way!) although the glue was still smelly at first, so we couldn't put them out until the end of the night. One of them got whisked off by our friend Emily Stoger (who is part of the Soi Disant design team) but these other gems are at HQ right now waiting to be discovered.

Handstitched black felt, feathers, freshwater pearls, lucite half sphere

Pictures of feathers are pretty, so I'll just let the pics do most of the talking. Prices for these lovelies range from $30-$45, and the little hairpin one is $15.

feathers, lucite half sphere, felt, metal heavy duty hairpin



Donkey said...

These are really beautiful headbands.

Carolyn said...

woah that pink headband is gorgeous!!!