Friday, November 21, 2008

A Makeover for Worn!

We just got an exciting e-mail from the lovely Serah-Marie of Worn Fashion Journal telling us that they've just launched a brand spanking new website! I just checked it out, and it's as lovely as I would expect it to be, way to go Worn! We're super sad that Serah-Marie has headed for the big TO, but sooo happy that things are going well for her and Worn. Speaking of the big TO, did we mention that Tyson and I will be there in about a week for the One of a Kind Show? We've been preparing like mad, and are hoping to meet up with Serah-Marie at some point as well, and congratulate her in person! Oh and don't worry about the store (I know you were, for sure) our friend Garry (you know, DJ Garry Vickers) will be taking care of HQ (and our dog Spidey) for the whole week. Little Mary will be going to Elaine (of Roadkill fame) for those who were worried about her as well.

Anyways, a big congrats to Worn, you've just added to my many hours spent online daily!


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