Friday, November 21, 2008

New Stuff from My Favorite Mirror

Holy shit, it's freezing in my apartment! I know I'm from Winnipeg and I'm supposed to be superhumanly impervious to the cold, but sadly that's not the case. Mary (our Boston Terrier) is literally INSIDE my sweater right now. She naps, I stay warm, everyone's happy. If there's one plus side to the cold weather though, it's that it gets me in the mood for Christmas, and gets me thinking early about Christmas gifts. For those of you who live away from family you'll understand how quickly that Canada Post "ship by this day or your family will hate you" deadline really creeps up quickly. Well folks, we're here to help.

The coaster sets are also made by MFM and come
in an awesome metal tin, I love them! I love protecting my furniture!

We've been carrying these little goodies by My Favorite Mirror ever since we first opened the store, and they've been a gift giving favorite ever since. Kellee and Matt have added a few new artists to the roster, and we've picked out some goodies from the geniuses at Berkley Illustration, as well as from Jason Levesque aka. Stuntkid. I've been stalking the work of Berkley Illustration for awhile now over at Etsy, and was thrilled to see that they had teamed up with MFM to bring some pocket sized animal goodness to us all. Stuntkid was a fairly new one to me, but I'm in LOVE with his "Girls Are Pretty" series, from which many of the mirror illustrations come.

We also picked up tons of our old favorites, such as Jill Bliss, The Black Apple, Eleanor Grosch, Jen Corace and soooo many more.

For the second time now we also decided to order the fun coaster sets that MFM is now also making. They kind of look like mini mouse pads (rubber botton, fabric top) and come in a really great metal tin. I think these are a great gift as well, but I'm pretty anal about protecting my wood furniture so, you know, maybe just give them to your annoyingly anal friends. We picked up some coasters from Berkely Illustration, Jill Bliss, The Black Apple as well as this cute "Cats Rule" set pictured below, designed by Kellee (owner of MFM) herself (she also works as a graphic designer) We orderd a "Dogs Rule" one too, but it sold already. So I guess that means that the jury is still out as to whether dogs or cats rule more, but it's official that dog OWNERS rule more, and love their pets more...oh!


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Yana said...

noooooo!!! cats rule! cats rule!!! people didn't buy the cat coasters cause they probably have them already!!!!!