Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New stuff from Norwegian Wood

image from Moni Belle of www.c20vintagefashion.co.uk

I've been sewing my little fingers off so I thought I'd give you all a bit of an update. I'm still going strong with the "Zip it Up, Chain it Up" harnesses (which I mentioned before HERE and HERE) and have been lucky enough to get some "thank you" shots of customers in their pieces, and even one who used the piece in a photoshoot for her vintage store (see above) so nice!

All three available at www.iheartnorwegianwood.etsy.com

For those of you who saw our table at Puces POP a month or so ago, you would have seen my new elastic harness design. This piece gets a few strange looks when it's dangling from a hanger, but I love how it looks when worn! I've got a few of them listed in my Etsy shop (see the Etsy mini down there on the right) and also have a few down at HQ. For $45 they're a steal, and a great little "update your spring dresses for fall" type of accessory.

"Baroque Floral" and "Bows Trellis" the two new
fabrics I've added to my "Luxe Collection" leggings

I've also added a few new fabrics to my leggings options, which are so far only in my Etsy shop, but you can always shoot me an e-mail if you want to buy something through the store, we do that pretty often now. Oh, and if you've been hankering after the "Asian Tea Party" leggings from my Vintage Collection, now's the time to act fast! I only have enough of this vintage fabric left to make ONE more pair! Check them out HERE or send us an e-mail

Only one pair left (any size), eep! SOLD OUT, sorry!

For those of you wondering about logs and owls, I've got a whole bunch of them cut out and ready to sew up, including a new velvet version of the log(!), I just need to finish up a few custom orders first and then it's time to delve into the Norwegian Wood log/owl forest again.


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