Friday, November 28, 2008

The Craft Show season has begun!

The giant show floor at the One of a Kind Show,
what have we gotten ourselves into!?

So you may have noticed a distinct lack in blog post in the past few weeks, and I promise you there is a totally legitimate reason. I've been treating myself like a sweatshop worker and have been chained to my sewing machine whilst preparing for the two big craft/artisan sales Tyson and I are doing this holiday season. For example, this Monday night when I SHOULD have been watching "John and Kate Plus 8" on TLC I was sewing eighty log pillows.

Yes, eighty. In one day.

I can only assume that Canadian customs thought my woodgrain fabric order may possibly contain some weapons of mass destruction or cocaine or something, thus causing them to detain my suspicious looking cotton fabric at the border for over a week. Thankfully I had two wonderful helpers to get things done in the end (Tyson and my friend Jill).

So Tyson and I will be heading to TO for the One of a Kind Show from Dec. 1-7th, but never fear, our friend Garry will be manning the store (you know, Garry of the computer theft vigilante justice, don't mess with him!) For all you readers in TO, come to the show and say hi! We'll be showing Tysons art, handpainted shoes/purses and my log pillows and owls. We're heading out with the folks from Furni and PinPals as well, so it should be an exhausting but fun trip. The show goes from 9am-11pm Monday -Saturday, and ends around dinnertime on Sunday the 7th, so there's really no excuse not to come, those are some pretty acomodating shopping hours!

Notice my owls and Tysons shows on the left hand side of the pic?

Upon our return we will resume our slave-like sewing/painting routines and prepare for a few days, at which time the Souk@SAT show will be the place to find us. The store will also be open during this show, we're just going to be juggling back and forth between store/show (there's two of us running this thing for a reason, sheesh!) For all of you folks looking for log pillows and owls, this will be the place to get them, and I would suggest coming early, since the quantities are limited. I will also be selling CLOTHING this year at the Souk, which is really exciting for me, so come check it out and try some of my new stuff on. I will be bringing down leggings (as seen on Kingdom of Style and That's Just my Vibe), chain harnesses (as seen on Fashion Toast and Refinery29), elastic harnesses, a few new dresses, secretary blouses and a cute new skirt design I just came up with.

So those two shows are pretty much taking up all of our time, but if you really want to run the circuit and do most of your Christmas shopping at indie craft shows (which we think it the next best thing to doing all your Christmas shopping at HQ...) here are a few more shows to check out:

- Puces POP holiday edition: Dec. 6th, check out all the info HERE
- Ladyfest Ottawa "Not your Grandmas Craftsale" also Dec. 6th, check out all the info HERE
- Expozine: This Saturday and Sunday! (nov. 29/30) See more info HERE


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