Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Colour Me Beautiful!

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the "Colour Me Beautiful" seminars/courses that began in the eighties, but I am.... quite.

My mother was (is?) a huge believer in the rules and regulations of "Colour Me Beautiful". There were a series of questions, tests, draping of colours fabric panels across ones chest, etc. that would determine if you are a "fall, winter, spring or summer", which would then in turn provide you with a palette of colours that would look best on you, which you should strictly adhere to. To this day, my mom will not wear cream, she is a winter, and can therefore only wear "winter white". When I reached the appropriate age, I of course also got the full treatment. I had been wearing a lot of brown and my mom thought I was probably a winter like her, so I should probably wear more plums, blues, blacks, etc. Turns out, I'm a fall. Brown was in fact, the "correct" choice.

Interestingly enough, "Colour Me Beautiful" seems to have gained a bit of a corporate twist, looking your best, to help you become "successful"....ooooh! Thus, the above picture. Looks inspiring, no?

As much as I'm sure this program helped many people feel comfortable wearing colour, I prefer a bit of a more instinctual and fun approach. Play with colour a bit, and you'll usually come up with some workable combos. Here are some inspirational pics of some thoughtful ways to add little jolts of colour to somewhat neutral outfits. Kind of fun I think, not too crazy, but definitely en route to spring!

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