Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Majolie is ready for Spring!

So when the hell is is going to start getting warm out?! We just received new spring lightweight cotton sweaters from Majolie and damn it I want the weather to cooperate with wearing them!!!

Cute tanks, tube tops and deep V neck loosely knit sweaters are all ready to be thrown into your spring rotation. But maybe you're thinking "sweaters in the summer, she's crazy, I'll be hospitalized for dehydration, just like Nicole Ritchie".... don't worry, sceptical shopper, first of all, you are nothing like Nicole Ritchie, secondly the fine guage cotton of these sweaters is so light and smooth, they will be super comfy when the weather gets humid.

I think the deep V-necks also look really good layered over t-shirts, blouses, sundresses etc. They are available in the most beautiful colours (nice brights and perfect muted neutrals) and are so incredibly delicate, light and airy. See one in the pic below, layered over a Kristen Ferrell polo.

Sigh. Spring, I miss you.

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