Monday, March 12, 2007

Liv & Lucy

So, from about age 9 to 16 I went to this summer camp with 2 girfriends I grew up with in the small town of Starbuck, Manitoba. The first year it was scary of course, but ended up being the best thing we ever did, and from then on this 1 week vacation at Rock Lake was pretty much the highlight of my summer.

But alas, at around age 11 puberty began to set in and I became progressively more awkward and goofy looking. This combined with bad hair cuts and weird clothes from the Sears catalogue contributed to me being nicknamed "Kimmy Gibbler" one year. Thankfully for the salvation of my week I was so totally non-involved in pop culture and reall "popular anything" that at the time I didn't even know what Full House was, so I didn't have a totally traumatic time. Oh, the trials of an oldest child growing up in a very small town.... so, so, totally out of touch. But damn, I was really good at crafts.

Anyways, as the three of us learned about things like "the cool girls", makeup, clothing trends, etc. we also realized that maybe summer camp was a place to meet new people and even... reinvent oneself.

So when we were about 14 we decided that we would lie about our names and totally make up new personas for ourselves. My name was...Liv of course. But in a cruel twist of fate I had unknowingly progressed from the awkward weird girl, had grown my hair in a neutral longish way, become a tad more fashion savvy, but somehow didn't realize yet that I was not really goofy anymore. Also, which helped immensely, I found myself thrown into a cabin with the older, super cool "skater" girls, who let me borrow their striped longsleeved t-shirts. And I had just bought army boots.

So, in the tragedy that has been almost my entire love life (excluding wonderful Tyson of course) the year that boys finally thought I was cute, I had given a fake name and a somewhat fake life story, as had my 2 other girlfriends. Needless to say, it blew up in our faces a bit, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.

So I guess the obvious moral of the story is, don't try to be someone else, but please do try on some of this cute jewelry by Liv & Lucy, and laugh to yourself about being a weirdo teenager, 'cause even though you're super chic now and choose lovely baubles to wear, you were probably just as awkward as me.... maybe.

This fab line of necklaces, earrings and bracelets come from Kim Moorhead, the founder and designer behind Liv & Lucy. Each piece from the collection is bold and flirty, yet feminine with a bohemian - vintage influence. Her inspiration comes from elements of nature such as leaves, birds, horse etc..

Kim makes each piece by hand using vintage raw brass charms, semi-precious stones, swarovzski crystal, wood and vintage beads. The blend of all the materials makes a bold dramatic statement, yet remains subtle and sweet just like the women who wear it. Perhaps even a tad rock n' roll? It is never mass produced, that's what "made by hand" means silly! And that's why we love Liv & Lucy for HQ!

Born in Montreal Canada, Kim recently decided to venture back to her true love of design and create a lovely little jewelry collection based on the positive feedback she received from her loyal local customers.

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