Thursday, March 01, 2007


Could there be any more magical word than the name of this jewelry? Sheeesh, I love it!

Lusterbunny jewerly is handmade by tiny little lusterbunnies in Columbus, Ohio (actually they are made by a nice girl named Rain, but you can pretend little bunnies are making them if you like). Each piece is made out of porcelain that has been glazed with various candy colored glazes, then layered with handmade and vintage decals that are fired multiple times to temperatures as high as 2200ยบ.

The process that Rain uses is similar to collage, but the final effect is a permanent fused surface similar to the china you eat off of (if of course you eat off of china, if you eat off of paper plates, then it is really nothing like this). All of the pieces are super durable, the images will never fade or peel. The back is sealed with a glassy coating of pearlescent resin, so it is silky smooth against your skin. You're friends will be totally jealous, and children on the street will point at you and smile because they think you are wearing delicious candy.

A whole slew of stunning necklaces are on their way to HQ right now! They should be here in a week or so, we'll post another update when they arrive.

Check out the little ditty about Lusterbunny on Daily Candy, how appropriate!

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