Friday, March 16, 2007

Glittery Vitamins in London

This one goes out to all those Glittery Vitamins fans out there. I was in London last weekend and met up with the cutest couple in the world, Gilles and Danya, the creators of Glittery Vitamins. They're doing amazing, and are looking fashionably fabulour, I would expect nothing less! Danya has been working her tush off in the crazy world of London retail, and Gilles has been working at a magazine part time and going to school at Central St. Martins full time. He recently got an internship with one of Londons most avant-garde designers, Gareth Pugh.

They were nice enough to take me out on Saturday night to one of their favourite club nights, Antisocial. Much dancing, people watching and photo mugging ensued.

So good to see the two of you, and I'll be back for more fun in 6 months or so!!

Anyone who would like to contact Glittery Vitamins can find them on MySpace, anyone who is looking to buy some Glittery Vitamins earrings or necklaces can stop by HQ any time, we still have some left, but they're getting scarce, since as you can see Gilles and Danya have a lot on their plates right now!

Here are some other pics of some of the other partygoers:

Wonderful friend of Danya and Gilles, 100% pure fun and entertainment. He found the beads on the street on the way to the party.

Fun colours

As Tyson would say "sheesh, have another cheeseburger fatso!"

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