Thursday, May 17, 2007

Holy crap we're almost 1!

Well, it's been a busy year. So much has happened, it really seemed to fly by. We get a little teary eyed just thinking back to some of the great times we had in the last year. The following are just some of the highlights....

-We met some outstanding artists and designers, who are not only incredible at what they do, but insanely nice people: Aya Kakeda, Roadkill, Worn, Jeffrey Brown, Kristen Ferrell, Angie Mason, Homebaked, Kick It Fashions, Kristen N. Brown, Garrett van Winkle, Supayana, Jenn Porreca and I could go on and on. (These are just a few, we still love all the ones we didn't mention here!!!)

-Jen Storey curated an amazing show last February. "The Light Show" was a fave for many.

-After our first 3 weeks of operation, Tyson was pepper sprayed twice in the face, well once in the face and once in the ear, if you want to get technical. He does not recommend it.

- After said incident, the detective that was handling the investigation asked Tyson if the "Perps" left behind any DNA! Seriously. Like he was swabbing for it himself! Apparently, to become a detective in Montreal, all you have to do is watch CSI.

-DJ Garry Vickers kicks out the jams, even with a broken arm

- Angie slowly but surely became addicted to blogging.

- We participated in some great collaborative events with like-minded Indyish and Worn Fashion Journal.

- We had a really great Christmas show entitled "It's Probably Worth More than That", and affordable art show in which all the pieces were $100 or less. This show was important to us, as one of our major goals in starting the gallery was to try to bring art to people who previously hadn't thought of owning art. Affordability was a huge turning point in achieving this goal!

-Our first hit with construction was pretty shitty last December. But nowhere near as shitty as the construction we're dealing with now...... and for the upcoming months. But at least we have a bunch of dying palm trees planted down the street for all to gawk at.... sigh.

To celebrate this happy anniversary, we're having a big group show on June 2nd called "Knock Your Socks OFF", which we hope it will do!

We'll most a reminder closer to the date, plus all the info is available all the time on the upper right hand corner of this very screen you are looking at!
Here are some samples of work by some of the artists although none of these pieces will be in the show. (Tyson totally ripped these images off from their websites... but don't tell anyone

James "Scorpion Dagger" Kerr


Aya Kakeda

Kristen N. Brown

Jordan Awan

Hollie Dzama

Jen Storey

Team Macho

Lisa Marie Godfrey

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Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

Congrats for the 1 year!! Many many more to come :)