Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fake Stupid Daddy

A quick reminder of our vernissage this Saturday for "Fake Stupid Daddy" a colab show featuring London Ontario artists James "Thesis" Kirkpatrick, Steve Debruyn and Peter Thompson. The artists will be showing works they have created individually, as well as collaborative pieces. The show starts at 6 and runsuntil 11pm. All are welcome to join us for drinks, music and amazing art, this promises to be an outstanding show.

You may have seen Peter Thompson's work in his Drawn & Quarterly published book "The Chronicles of Luck Ello". As for his art, you could stare at one of Peter's pieces for hours and be fully entertained. With plenty of humor, interesting characters, and different themes to look at it's hard not to. Peter Thompson has been creating art for a while, and with an impressive following it isn't hard to wonder why he gets so many fans.

Steve Debuyn's work can best be described as loose and random but at the same time each piece has a charming quality to it that makes it accessible to anyone. Friends and co-conspirators, Steve and Peter's work compliment each other wonderfully.

Born out of the collision of street and fine art, the work of James "Thesis" Kirkpatrick blends the influence of freight painting and the emergence of the "character based" art scene. Cajoling new work out of built up surfaces of paper and acrylic paint, Kirkpatrick takes his characters from the gritty venue of train yards onto the crisp walls of the gallery. The contrast gives his work a new and refreshing perpective.

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