Monday, May 14, 2007

Worn Fashion Journal: Issue #4 at HQ

Issue #4 launch party

Hey people, Worn Fashion Journal Issue 4 is out! Stop by HQ and pick up a copy. Also, check out the pics from the bag auction at the launch party. We had to miss it because of the "Fake Stupid Daddy" vernissage, but it looks as though it was a fun bag bidding time!

Those fashion hungry people at Worn are already onto issue #5, and they're looking for a few good writers and illustrators. What a great opportunity to hone your creative skills, get some print exposure, and be part of this fun fashion tome! For the first time ever, Worn Fashion Journal issue #5 will have a theme: Art & Fashion, here's the lowdown:

"Clothing is a universal medium; it allows the opportunity for ultimate expression of individuality. In the same way that art always references other art, we can take the products of other peoples ideas and reconstruct them, on a daily basis, to create an image that we wish to present to the world at that moment. We can use those garments to form a continuously repositioning monologue about colour, texture, shape, form and density. In the way that Cristo covers space to transform it into a whole new space, we are able to swath our bodies in fabric on a daily basis to recreate how we choose to be perceived to the outside world. Fashion contains aspects of painting, sculpture, collage, craft and performance art. An artist uses garments, clothing, and fashion in historical and contemporary situations: knowing how artists and makers have explored these concepts will only serve to further the interaction between fashion and art, and all that that implies. Worn has no desire to define terms or solidify theories, but wish only to promote a sharing of knowledge and ideas to further the growth in this field."

"In issue five, we will look at as many different points of view as possible: fashion illustrators, painters who use clothing as an element of their work, designers who push the boundaries of wear ability, and artists who introduce them."

They are looking for:
-1 long research article (2250-2500 wrds)
- 2 short research articles (1250-1750 wrds)
- 8 profiles of individuals who are pushing the boundaries of art and fashion (600-700 wrds)

- 4 pages of fashion illustration.

Pitches should be submitted prior, should be no less than 200 words and include at least two sources for information, like books or people you plan to interview.
If you are a first time writer for Worn you should also send two writing samples. (unpublished fine)

Pitch deadline: May 20th
Article deadline: June 25th

send all to

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