Thursday, May 17, 2007

"y" and "ish" are good for my budget

Ivory Chanel-"ish" purse with adjustible straps (short double strap, long single strap), black/white purse with gold birds by Roadkill, vintage metallic sandals, angry doll by Damned Dollies, nautical vintage trims necklace by BLUEprint.

Two of my favorite suffixes are "y" and "ish". Ok, perhaps it's really nerdy to have "favorite" suffixes, but when Marc Jacobs is out of your everyday price range, Marc Jacobs-"Y" and Chloe-"ISH" start to sound not-so-nerdy after all!

Therefore I'm always on the lookout for vintage finds that seem to have that certain something that reminds me of some of my favorite designers. I just recently bought some beautiful silk fabric with an abstract retro looking floral print. VERY Marc Jacobs-"y". Nice drapy rayon with a slubby weave in a putty colour. VERY Chloe-"ish". (I'm working on getting a dress or two made from the silk into the store STAT, and will put up some pics when they're done.)

Metallic gold/bronze purse, my favorite detail is the tassel

In the meantime, stop by the shop to check out one of my recent "y" obsessions...
Chanel-"y" vintage purses. I love a good slouchy oversized bag, but sometimes when I'm going out, especially in the summer, my shoulder (and outfit) seem to scream out for something a little more simple (read: LIGHT).

Classic black with a nice zipper pull and that fabulous chain strap

Basically, I'm just really feeling these right now, I think it has a lot to do with the chain strap, I love it. And I also love the fact that they are not the modern Chanel knock offs with the giant logos. Although I suppose they are 80's Chanel knockoffs, when the logo was more subtle. Hmmmm, something to think about....

I want to be clear, we DO NOT have this real Chanel purse at the store,
just wanted to show a pic of the real deal, but still vintage.
Note the adjustible chain strap, just like the one in the top pic.

Take a gander at the above 3 we have in stock, and I'm going to be working on finding some more gems, good ones are surprisingly hard to find!


Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

Love this post!!
If you like the "y" and the "ish", you should come visit me and other at the Indyish Art Markets, at Fringe festival, mid-june, on St-Laurent corner Rachel! :)

Adrian said...
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Angie & Tyson said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned Indyish, they are one of my other favorite "Ish"es!

madame felixo said...

Arff ils sont magnifiques, je répete ils sont ma-gni-fiques!!! Je les veux!