Monday, May 07, 2007

Fake Stupid Daddy

Wow. What a show. This is probably one of my faves so far. The guys pulled up early Saturday morning, fueled by mass amounts of caffeine pills, soda, beer and coffee. The long drive, which started in London, Ontario at 12 am was over and we began hanging the show. Let me tell you, for the amount of art these guys brought down, they had the show hung in just under two hours and it looked amazing. I guess you could say they were well hung.... har-har-har!!!!
......I'm a retard.

Steve DeBruyn

Peter Thompson


lisa marie said...

That's a massive amount of work! Looks fantastic!

Steve deBruyn said...

Totally fun.
Wish we were still there.

Thanks to Angie and Tyson for being awesome!

We'll be back soon hopefully.

blunderspublik said...

Dang! That looks like a great show! Bring it to winnipeg!


Marc Bell said...

Those are good boys! That "fake Stuipd Daddy" looks amazing.

Hadn't seen these pictures.