Friday, July 13, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye

As reigning Queen of all that is HQ, King Tyson and I have discussed with the ladies of Soi Disant and Anastasia of Anastasia Lomonova, and we have all agreed that starting today all items from Soi Disant are 40% off, and many of the items from Anastasia Lomonova are reduced by varied amounts!

That's right, it's a huge deal, they're serious about this one. Soi Disant wants lovely ladies far and wide to be decked out in their cute tops made ethically by a work co-op in the West Bank (Palestine) and Anastasia wants to see her Quebec made floaty pleated dresses fluttering around the city!

So pop by the Parnell Collective vernissage this Saturday, sip some wine, and try on a few things. These collections are fairly priced to begin with, and now they're a downright steal!!

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