Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stranger Danger: Parnell Collective

So last weekend was the Stranger Danger exhibition by the Parnell Collective. The group did a great job and were painting on the walls until early into the morning the day before the show, what troopers! Stop by and check it out soon, this is a shorter show than usual (it's up 'till August 2nd), time's a wastin' people! There are 12 prints in total, 4 colours available in each design. Unframed prints go for $40, framed $75 and you get the pleasure of taking the framed print off the wall and exposing a bit more of the mural underneath. Sooooo satisfying!

The ladies of HQ. Jill, Amanda & Jen. Look for the calendar coming out in 2008

HQ chum Jill Kasian took some time out from smashing displays to enjoy a drinky-poo
Just kidding Jill! That cake stand was totally worthless, in fact we HATED it,
and are glad it's gone...whew, what a relief!

Pony of Prey colaborater's Fred & James

Krista & Shauna can't decide what they like best about Tyson

Parnell artist Krista Bursey shows off her new ink

Parnell prints galore!

Broundoor's Marc Simard & Artist Aaron McConomy

Furni Creations Mike Giles and lady-pal, Judy Lawrence

Some of our favorite Halifaxers!

Artist and HQ chum, Dessa Harhay


Yana Gorbulsky & Jen Storey



Anonymous said...

i like angie's pink lipstick!


Angie & Tyson said...

What are you talking about, that's totally my natural lip colour...