Friday, July 27, 2007

What to do on Friday July 27th? Something Secret!

Something Secret Art Collective is
Matthew Feyld, Errol Richardson, Michael Rytz and Ben Schumacher

Something Secret is
a bunch of people who make things all day and all night.

Something Secret is
about making friends and perpetuating creative endeavors.

So basically, something secret is an international group of artists that have, up to this point, been pretty much exclusively based around the production of zines and records. The internet has allowed for the collaboration of disparate artists, which would otherwise be an extremely difficult feat to accomplish. It is a beautiful thing.This is their first show as a group. The evening will be scored live by Slow Hand Motëm, who will be costumed specifically for the event.
- Errol Richardson

My Hero Gallery
3655 St-Laurent Blvd, Suite 206
Vernissage Friday July 27th 8:00pm
Performance by Slow Hand Motem
Showing July 27th until August 10th

The folks down at My Hero Gallery hope to see you there, for appointments please e-mail to: info (at)
Errol Richardson:
Michael Rytz:
Ben Schumacher:

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