Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Supayana on Fred Flare

Hey, get your typing fingers ready and go to, Supayana is in the "Next Big Thing" contest! Our very own Yana has a top in this great contest put on my this great online store, so go vote for her. She's a super nice girl, and she works really hard, and she's probably sewing up a storm as I type this. I think the voting closes at the end of this week, so do it now!!

If you like what you see come down to HQ to check out the goodies she's made for us this summer. We just got some cute dresses with little rose clusters that are perfect for throwing on and feeling nicely done up yet comfy

1 comment:

yana said...

Thanks Angie.

You're a super nice girl and so is your mom!!!!


See you tomorrow! Wanna bake some treats for the show together?