Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Meet Some of the Shoes of HQ

Since I love shoes so very very much, I thought it was due time for some of our vintage shoes to be featured in a post all their own. May I present to you, some of my current favorites:

Check out the little zig zag white trim, adorable

The ribbon bow on the back of the strap is such a nice detail.
Guaranteed to make your ankles look narrow

Simple, classic, and the low stacked leather heel is a luxe touch

Perfect heel height, nice button detailing on the strap

Comfortable yet stylish all in one. Love these with slim dark denim

SOOOO into Royal blue still! The suede leather combo, perfect heel height and bow make these one of my favorites. Too bad they're too big for me.

I've just discovered that these soft leather straps make for the comfiest
shoes in the world, and the soft yellow colour seems
to go with almost anything.

OK I know, they're lavender, but how gorgeous would they be
with dark denim shorts and a retro printed cotton summer top?

All of these lovelies can currently be found at HQ, with prices ranging from $15-$20. We clean and repair all our shoes before they hit the shelves, so you don't have to go to all that extra work. We also pick only the best of the best, nothing with big scratches or scuffs and straps that aren't all stretched out. Nothing beats a great pair of vintage shoes, they give a great big dash of personality to your outfits.


Pelvis said...

Hello guys! I went to your place last week, the day of the vernissage of the exhibition. We loved it!! I'm actually thinking of buying some beautiful stuff I saw there ;)

But right now I would like to invite you to a gig we are having this friday at Zoobizarre, my project's name is Carrie, we are from México, and it would be lovely if you guys go. :)

You can hear our stuff at our myspace:

I also have another project, it's a little bit more party stuff:

We're staying in Montréal until september, so we'll visit your little beautiful store often :)

do you have a myspace??

Angie & Tyson said...

Hey there,
Glad to hear you like the shop and the show! We'll check out your MySpace pages, sounds interesting, and we'll try to make it to the show. Tyson and I are both getting over a little sick spell, so we'll see if we're up to it.

Thanks for the invite, pop by the store anytime!

Indeedy do, we have a MySpace page, Tyson takes care of it, so I don't know what he's putting up there though! Here's a link:

clayton said...

"OK I know, they're lavender..."? You've got a problem with lavender? Who has a problem with lavender? Jeez. I love lavender. I'm even wearing lavender right now. I'm coming down there to kick your arses til they're black and...lavender.

Angie & Tyson said...

I totally love lavender too, but seriously, people have picked them up in the store and were all like "oooh, I love them, but they're lavender..."

Or maybe they said purple, which is even worse, 'cause they're totally lavender.