Monday, October 22, 2007

Honey Flower at HQ

For those of you who have been down to HQ, you know we have all sorts of clothing, and accessories and art. For those of you who know Tyson, you will know that not only does he love art, but he loves some good bath time as well. (teasing Tyson via Blog never ceases to amuse me...)

So it stands to reason that we're very happy to welcome to the HQ family a line of body care products made right here in Montreal by Angela
MacKenzie, who also happens to be a very nice girl, who also happens to have a very cute dog. Here's a little company info, a lot of which I stole from Angelas website:

Honey Flower Natural skincare and bath products are handcrafted from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. They are committed to providing customers with non-toxic & ecologically sound alternatives to mainstream skincare products. In this way they are doing their part to ensure the health of our fragile planet, while they continue to create products that are indulgent, fun and affordable. Sounds like perfection to me!

The Honey Flower skincare line is created without using chemical preservatives, artificial colorings & scents, petroleum products and other toxic ingredients that may cause harm to our customers & the environment. Everything is made in small batches and at low temperatures, which keeps all the ingredients fresh. Tyson and I really liked the fact that Angela feels it's really important to use quality glass & metal containers, and the use of plastic in their packaging is reduced whenever possible. They also use fair-trade and locally produced ingredients and their products are never tested on our animal friends (of course!!). Honey Flower looks and smells so tasty you will be probably be tempted to have a taste (Tyson tried, it wasn't bad at all!)

Stories in the media that called to question the safety of many ingredients used in the cosmetics industry lead the founders of Honey Flower Natural Skincare to consider the possibility of a sustainable alternative to bath and body products. In the search for these alternatives they discovered that many of the products currently marketed as ‘natural’ didn’t match their particular ingredient or sustainability expectations. After performing a bathroom shelf detox, Honey Flower creator Angela MacKenzie took her combined interests in aromatherapy, arts and crafts, and her love for lounging in the bathtub to the next logical place… her kitchen! She started experimenting with everything from tooth powder to cold cream and began taking product suggestions from family and friends. Eventually, (after many a trial and error) she had a product line that she was satisfied with. Her partner, James, is an active part of the company and happily offers his services for everything from lip balm tester to inventory specialist.

So now on to the nitty gritty, what products does Honey Flower make? Well, I suggest you go straight to the website for a complete listing of products, or check them out next time you're down at HQ, since we have a pretty full selection. But to whet your visual appetite, here are a few of the goodies:

Lip balm in Chocolate Truffle or Cool Honey

Lavender Mint Body Scrub

Cocoa Creme Body Butter

Flower Candy Facial Cleanser

Although I don't have a photo of them, Honey Flower has also started making these amazing bath bombs. My friend Jill picked up a few at Puces POP, and just told me last night how AMAZING they are, and that we should get them at HQ. To which I replied "done! We already have them"

Highly recommended by my friend Jill, what more could you ask for?

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