Monday, October 01, 2007

Bright and Tight

I'm loving bright coloured tights for fall, check out these fun shots from Facehunter

This is Susie Bubble from one of my other favorite blogs StyleBubble!

Who says you have to match perfectly all the time?
So much cooler like this!

I'm still in love with those yellow/mustard tights!

For some reason I see Yana from Supayana rocking this outfit

Black, white and grey, with that POP of turquoise blue is so pleasing to me!
Plus the gold accessories are the finishing touch.

Love the effect of the tights and skirt in the same colour,
with the contrasting shoes and tough jacket. One of my faves.

There will always be a place for black tights of course,
I like how she wore the patent shoes to create some contrast
between the black tights and shoes.

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