Monday, October 29, 2007

Woodgrain on the Brain

Yup, I've definitely got woodgrain on the brain. This Joel Dewberry fabric I picked up just has so many uses! First the log pillows, then the woodgrain owl, and now I've used all the small leftover pieces to make little tree stump pincushions.

They're filled with a mixture of regular polyfil and lentils, so they're heavy enough to stay put while you're trying to pull out a pin with one hand and hold the fabric in place with another. They also come with a little clump of pins.

We'll be selling them in the store starting this week, and we'll also have them at the Souk @ SAT (Montreal) and Ladyfest (Ottawa) craft sales in December. 12 bucks will put you in the good books of your favorite sewing friend!

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