Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get ready crafters, you're gonna love this...

You know how sometimes you have a dream that you did something, and then when you wake up you can't remember if you actually did it or not? Well, I've had that feeling about blogging Supernaturale for awhile, and I finally came to the conclusion that I HAVE NOT previously told you all about Supernaturale, so people, prepare to be impressed. Anyone that loves HQ will likely have found a new fave with this site. Here's how the site describes itself:

"SuperNaturale is an independent site dedicated to the Do It Yourself culture in all its glorious forms. From simple afternoon home improvement projects to radical lifestyle choices- we love them all. We celebrate ingenuity, creativity and the handmade.

We publish an online magazine, host an active bbs (Glitter), and have a group blog (Glimmer). Simply put they are a hybrid, a chimera, a liger—a radiant community with great editorial content.

Why do we do this?

Excellent question! This kind of alt DIY stuff is just in our bones. Everyone at the firm makes things both at work and in their spare time. One of us is building a beach house, another is a Triumph motorcycle enthusiast, and the third cuts teeny tiny couture clothes out of scraps of fabric. It's hard being children of the 70's. In short we do it for love."

And there you have it, Supernaturale! Oh and also, even though it's not mentioned up there, Tsia Carson (one of the head editors of the site) also wrote the awesome book "Craftivity" which we carry at HQ, one of my faves.

Sorry for the tiny pic, my lunch break is almost over,
and I couldn't find a bigger one right now.
Just come down to the store and see it in person damn it!

I just generally love going to this site to rev up my crafting engine when I'm feeling a bit lazy or need to get jarred out of a CSI induced stupor. This is inspiring stuff people, so go have a look, and then get crafting, then bring your stuff down to HQ, and we'll sell it all for a million dollars and all become rich ....

ok maybe not that last part.



Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

An "e" is missing in your link :)

Great find, didn't know about this site! Thanks!!

Angie & Tyson said...

Oh thanks! I'm going to fix that right now...