Wednesday, October 31, 2007

La Chatte Bottée at Headquarters!

Oh you lucky, lucky girls, it's almost time for another Chatte Bottée vintage shoe party!

For those of you who are thinking "what is she talking about?! Shoes? Vintage? Party? Together?!" we are about to blow your minds.

Two lovely girls (Carole & Nika) started their own business just over a year ago gathering together beautiful vintage shoes and boots then hosting monthly parties at which you can go crazy and stock up on all your vintage footwear needs in the convenient atmosphere of a local boutique/gallery/studio.

We all know that sometimes it's fun to go scrounging around in a dusty church basement (although it is NEVER fun to wait in line at Value Village after trekking halfway across the city to get there) but sometimes you want someone else to do the work for you. Not only do these 2 dig up the best goodies from all over Montreal, but they find beautiful things from across Canada and the US.

Their sources are secret, but why bother racking your brain trying to discover their secrets? Why not just head down to HQ next Thursday (the 8th) and pick up a cute pair of vintage shoes or boots, sip some wine, eat some snacks, and chat with some other stylish ladies. HQ is also offering a special discount coupon for the boutique when you purchase a pair of Chatte Bottée shoes/boots. How nice!

Sounds so much more fun than hanging out with the smelly old guy at VV who wants to tell you about his collection of mittens made out of dog hair.

Here's the official event info:

Since the chilly weather is on it's way, La Chatte Bottée and HQ

Want YOU

to report to


(that's the old timey sound of a message from La Chatte Bottée coming over the radio)

It's official privates: winter is on the battle front. But don't worry! We've thought of your cold weather needs this and have stocked up on a massive amount of vintage boots of all shapes and sizes… not to mention that we'll also be showing off our overflowing collection of vintage shoes. As always, cocktails, munchies and music will be on the evening roster. Bring your friends. ******
C'est officiel les recrues: l'hiver est au front de bataille. Ne vous inquiétez pas ! Nous avons pensé a vos besoins et avons amassé une quantité industrielle de bottes … toute taille, tout genre. Sans oublier que nous avons toujours notre collection massive de souliers vintage ! Comme toujours, des cocktails, des grinotines et de la musique sont au menu.

Thursday/jeudi - Nov. 8th, 6-9pm
cash only ~ comptant seulement for La Chatte Bottée
HQ will still be open upstairs, and will accept all forms of payment for boutique items only


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