Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fancy & Feathered Fall Headgear

I've had a longstanding love of old hats, headpieces, bows and all other sorts of headgear. For years I've hoarded them away in various boxes, on stands, in bags, etc. But lately I've noticed more and more pretty embellished headbands and hairpieces popping up, and I'm loving the fact that more and more people are putting some embellishments up top. I first noticed girls rocking fierce vintage hats while in London for work a few years ago, and decided then and there to start actually BUYING the gorgeous vintage hats I would find while thrifting, and to start wearing the pieces I already owned. Fast forward 3 years and I'm still on the headgear kick, and happy to see more and more people wearing embellished head pieces.

I wanted to get some of this head adornment in HQ, and since I'm not a milliner I decided to start simply and try to make some feathered headbands. I went into it not knowing much about how to do it, basically looking at some of the vintage pieces I had and online for inspiration and construction techniques, and went to town. I popped into my favorite Montreal trim shop and picked up some bags of feathers and some blank headbands, rented a movie, took over the coffee table and started working. The massive hoards of ribbons, gems, chain, sequins, etc. that I keep stored in various tins and containers also came out, and the end result was a huge but productive mess in our living room. Tyson was thrilled.

After a bit of experimentation I discovered that these babies are soooo much fun to make (no worries about sizing like when making clothing) and that I'm going to make many more of these mini head sculptures. Most of the ones I've made have already sold down at HQ or at last weekends Puces POP, but more are on the way, promise, and we still have two headbands down at HQ right now for the lucky girls who make that shopping bond with them.

ALSO, as our faithful blog readers will already know, I recently sent off a package of leggings to Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style, but how could I send a package without also sending something for Queen Marie! I popped in one of my little headbands, inspired by Maries love of sequins, and her mermaidy tendencies (see below for the band itself). I was happy to get an e-mail letting me know that it arrived safe and sound, and was a perfect fit for Marie, hooray! She even did a little thank you post on KOS, so I even got to see the band on the lady herself, thanks Marie! Check out her post HERE


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