Thursday, September 18, 2008

Custom Orders Galore (aka: what I've been up to lately)

My favorite of Michelles outfits...loving this exposed ribcage look.
As long as it's mixed with a high rise bottom, I think a cropped top is great.

I just realized I've been yammering on and on about the cage skirt and dress I made for Susie Bubble, but have never shared with you some of the other custom orders I've made for various other people around the globe who had seen the cage stuff on Style Bubble and wanted a little piece of the action. I've made around 10 of the cage skirts at this point, and recently worked with a girl from the US on one of my favorite new designs, a cage/harness hybrid that turned out absolutely killer (in my humble opinion).

Left: Mixed with an American Apparel dress,
Right: detail of the chains and eyelets, thanks to Marc Simard of
Broundoor for helping me out with those eyelets!

This is just a smattering of some of the cage designs I've been working on, I love how just switching up the fabric and trim colours gives the skirt a totally different feel. The tweed fabric is the latest addition to the family.

Clockwise from upper left: beige and pearly cream cage skirt,
red/yellow floral cage skirt with black trims,
classic black cage skirt with metal spike studs,
tweed plaid cage skirt with silver trims.

The harness is so versatile, Michelle has mixed it with tees, tanks and a dress. I think all of them look equally fab. If you love Michelles style and want to check out more of her outfits, check out her Chictopia blog at:
If any of you are looking to add some cagey goodness to your life, I have both the cage skirt and the harness listed in my Etsy shop as custom items ( or if you're in Montreal shoot me an e-mail and we can get going! iheartwood (at) gmail (dot) com