Friday, August 25, 2006

Outfits of the Week - August 25, 2006

For crying out loud, it's starting to get a little brisk.... but I'm holding out as long as possible! Here are some end of summer looks, plus a few little ideas on what could be added to the outfits to fight against evening chills on the terrasse.

Throw on a pair of slouchy flat boots to hold back the September chill, keep those tootsies warm!
Ruched polo by Perplex & Lola (Montreal), vintage fabric and leather bag by Dumb Chauffeur (Winnipeg), crystal chandalier pendant by Beloved by Sophie (England), navy box-pleated shorts by Haiiku (Montreal).

After dinner tie on a cotton scarf in an earth-tone or grey to cut the sunshine factor on this bright outfit.

Vintage dress (that's right, it's a dress) with unicorn print by Junkstar (Calgary), vintage grey leather purse with handpainted creature by F.S.U. (Montreal), vintage yellow elastic belt, sterling silver necklace with Swarovski crystal charms and russian nesting doll charm by Hannah Zakari (Scotland).

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