Friday, August 18, 2006

Crochet Animals from Crowded Teeth!

Back in stock, the red and blue crocheted dogs, green bird and Teru Teru Bozu necklaces from Crowded Teeth in LA. We just got the order in, and they're already flying out the door so stop by and have a little chat with Tyson and pick out your new little buddy!

New fall stock is coming in everyday, so we had to buy a rolling rack for all the summery stock. Check out this "last chance" rack for one of a kind pieces and pray that girl down the street with the perfect hair doesn't get there before you do! You deserve that drapey chiffon top, not her!! This stock will be gone in about 2 weeks, just a little reminder. Once it's gone it is soooo gone, we need to make space for fall stuff!

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