Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting to know ... Safe by Rebecca Turbow

You may remember a little while back we did a little "Congrats!" post for some of our designers who were featured in BUST and Readymade. One of those designers was not yet being shown at HQ, but oh how things have changed since then! We are proud to be the first store in Montreal to showcase the clean and simple designs of Safe by Rebecca Turbow. (a big thanks to Jac from Kickit Fashion for giving us the heads up on this girl, good on you!)

Rebecca is based in New York, just a stones throw from our fair city of Montreal. Safe Clothing was born out of Turbow’s idea to create durable and elegant handcrafted clothing that centered on the concept of safety and protections. Safe Clothes originated while she was studying fashion and textile design at the Massachusetts College of Art.

“From the very beginning, I made clothing for myself that came out of a desire to create something that made me feel emotionally and physically secure”

And now, the moral of the story for all you aspiring/new designers WEAR YOUR DESIGNS!!! It is the best form of advertising! After moving to NY Rebecca quickly shared her creations with the city by wearing her own turquoise and white designs here there and everywhere. Who says you need models, PR people, marketing, just get out there and wear the bejeezuz out of those clothes!! As you can imagine, a girl that wears teal and white super mod clothes every time that you see her is going to start garnering a little attention, and next thing she knew, the attention she was getting turned into feature stories and profiles in local and national publications such as the New York Times, the Village Voice, Fashion Week Daily, Jane, The Fader and Venus.

Rebeccas future plans are to expand Safe into the realms of costume, furniture and home design .... and of course sell in HQ, although for some reason I don't think that will be QUITE the pinnacle of her career!

Come down to HQ to check out some of Rebecca's sleek summer pieces, with fresh new work coming in for Fall in a few months!

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