Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting to know ... Musa & Dutchie

Although I'm not a fan of fall/winter per se, I AM a fan of the changing of the seasons. No, it's not the multi-coloured maple leaves that litter Parc Lafontaine, or the change to sleeping without the A/C on.... it's the new clothes.

Fall reminds me of being about 9 and getting "back to school" clothes (2 sweaters, 1 pair of cords, 1 pair of jeans, indoor and outdoor sneakers, a jacket and snowboots, yay Manitoba), and in later years (when I started buying my own clothes due to a desire to appear mature, starting at age 14) it was a time when I had saved up money from working during the summer and I could splurge on some special pieces. Some of you may still be getting "back to school" clothes, and some of you may be getting "another day at work" clothes, but either way, the change of weather definitely requires a little reworking of the wardrobe.

For your present day fall splurges we have a new line coming in from Toronto called "Musa & Dutchie". Designed by Sonja den Elzen this capsule collection combines buttery knits with edgy graphics and subdued colours to make for a smart take on streetwear. Sonja has been a player in the Toronto independent design scene for awhile now, also designing the high-end line "Thieves", but wanted to do something a little different, thus came "Musa & Dutchie".

What is a capsule collection you may ask? Well, this means that this is a limited edition run, a one shot deal, a "for a short time only" collection. Basically, once it's gone, you ain't gettin' any more.

Musa & Dutchie will be premiering in Headquarters this September, so keep your eyes open for them, they could be the perfect counterpart for a pair of vintage pumps and your new slim dark denim jeans (you know you're going to get some, why argue with me?)

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