Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A little bubbly...

Although most of us would love to have a little champagne whenever the whim overtakes us, most of us cannot afford to do so ... nor should we be drinking at work. An easy solution to this little problem is to feed our bubbly cravings with bubbly clothing. A fun shape for tops, dresses and bottoms, created through draping, pleating, tucking, or just mind-boggling seaming. Don't be afraid of this full, fluffy shape, nobody's going to think you look fat for crying out loud! Wear a poofy top with skinny jeans or tights to balance the tightness out, or throw on a bubbly skirt with a tailored shirt for an instantly fresh take on a favorite outfit. If you need any more convincing just look at the damn pictures above, how fresh is that!?

Come down to HQ and check out some of the great bubbly shapes we have from Angel Perez, and keep an eye out for new stock coming in this fall for bubbly shapes from many of our other designers.

P.S. Watch out for upcoming info on evening workshops in the HQ galerie this fall to learn some sewing basics, drawing nights and maybe even how to turn one of your old dresses into a bubbly creation of its own!

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