Monday, August 14, 2006

Raising the bar

For fall I am really loving sky-high waist on skirts, pants, shorts, jumpsuits.... anything really. As we speak I'm wearing a pair of high waisted denim culottes, on which the waist is soooo high it buttons up above the fly with 3 buttons and has seaming as though the top is a corset. I know I know, some of you out there are going "WTF is she thinking? That sounds horrible!", but perhaps just a few are going "that sounds interesting, I'm tired of showing my ass crack!"

I think that to truly rock this look you have to really be into it and BELIEVE you look like a hot little toddie. Confidence ladies, the people can smell your fear! So if you love it, go for it, and if you're not sure then just enjoy it vicariously through others!

Be inspired by these lovely examples and try something new this fall, why not have a little fun with fashion?!

HQ has some beautiful high waisted designs from Angel Perez & BLUEprint, with more to come this fall!


Anonymous said...

there are some of these skirts on anthropologie

Angie & Tyson said...

Yeah, Anthropologie is part of the Urban Outfitters/Free People nexus of fashion knock offs, they're super fast at grabbing ideas from the runway! At least their bringing this fun look out into the open.


Angie & Tyson said...

I just went to the Anthropologie site, yes they have some cute skirts, but none of the ACTUAL skirts shown above are from Anthropologie, nor are they availalable at HQ, just some pretty pics. Just wanted to make that clear for everyone!