Friday, August 11, 2006

5 a 7, from 6 to 8, Tuesday August 15th

We will be having a little celebration party for the winners of the Indyish Launch Weekend Consistent Variable Project (see post below) this coming Tuesday (August 15th) in the gallery at HQ. There will be chatting, drinking and shopping involved, along with the possibility of mojitos next door. Stop by and say hi to the designers, and maybe even ask them about their design (ie. did you sleep at all? How did you fit your body through a leg hole of a pair of underwear?)

On a shopping note, we have new jewelry designs in from BLUEprint, Hannah Zakari (from the UK) and Mindan Gunther Moore (from Vancouver), as well as the new girls skinny "Penelope" jeans in denim with leather details from MX. Much of our spring/summer stock will soon be sent back to the towns and cities from which they came, so if you're humming and hawing over picking up that perfect little skirt, top or T, better not wait too long 'cause they are going to be GONE within the next 2 weeks!

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