Thursday, August 03, 2006


A lot of stuff on the blog has a lot to do with girls, mainly because most of our local designers make girls stuff, and we only have girl mannequins (we had them before we opened the store, long story) So today the blog is for boys & men & guys! RAAARRGGHHHH!!! (sounding manly)

We're in the process of ordering new t-shirts for you guys for fall from Threadless, a great company run by two boys named Jacob and Jake (um, Jacob two-two?!) They are based in Chicago and have come up with the brilliant idea of receiving shirt graphics from artists via the magical "internet", then posting these designs and having viewers vote on their faves, which then determines which styles will be produced. What a great idea (Oh Gary, man of a million t-shirt ideas, are you listening?) Nothing like giving people what they want! We love the variety of graphics that they end up carrying because of this, and all designs are done on American Apparel tops, so you can trust the fit (although you can't trust the company owner, badda-boom!)

We haven't decided yet exactly what designs we're going to buy, so in the spirit of the Threadless concept, post a comment on which designs you'd like to see in HQ, and maybe you will see your choice in the store this fall!

I also just talked to Jac from Kickit Fashions, another store favorite, and he's working like a madman down in Brooklyn on some new designs for fall (I guess this is not really JUST for guys, since Kickit makes unisex shirts, sorry guys)

Now, for the bottom half, lots of you have been asking for them, and they're on their way, slim jeans for guys! The "Joey" jean (as in Ramone) from MX is literally being sewn RIGHT NOW and should be in stock within the next few weeks, we'll keep you posted. The "Muddy River" wash is great, and the fit is perfect for you guys who want to slim it down a bit but still want a bit of room for the boys ;)

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