Monday, February 26, 2007

For Hire: Personal Stylist

Well, two of my Oscar dress pics were chosen, by two ladies I consider to be very stylish. Did we have a secret pre-Oscar conference in St. Henri? (at the Green Spot perhaps? Or maybe at Black Jack bar?) Who can say, who can say. All I know is that Kirsten can put down a mean poutine, and Gwyneth loves a little fried onions on her veggie burger;) My only regret is that Chanel didn't have time to make a teenier dress for Kirsten, a size or so smaller would have fit her a tad better, and why oh why did you bring the gold purse, I specifically remember us choosing the black clutch with the jet beading. Gwynnie darling, you looked like a vision of perfection from head to toe!

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Stylist said...

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