Thursday, February 08, 2007

Valentines Day blows!

Sigh. We all know Valentines Day is lame. But we also know that if you show up to your boyfriend or girlfriends house empty handed you'll be totally screwed! So, here are some gift ideas that are at least cooler and cheaper than roses.

"Love Sucks" book cover by Local By Kristen $25.00

purse by Olivin Designs $60.00

Instead of the real thing get a dog pillow by Salvor Fauna. It's not as good as a real puppy, but it's better than kids. No mess, no diapers, no fur and you wont have to pay for them to go to college for a degree in political science. $45.00 each

Minouchko by La Puce A L'agonie $25.00

Minouchki by La Puce A L'agonie $25.00

Minouchka by La Puce A L'agonie $25.00

If you really must insist on giving your loved one a mix CD with all your favorite love songs, it wont be so lame if you add this book about people who make GOOD music.

Yeah, I know, I'm always pushing Jeffrey Brown ($8.00) and Liz Prince ($7.00) books. Everyday relationship stories that we can relate to and usually take for granted.

Cyclops Bunny by La Puce A L'agonie

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