Thursday, February 08, 2007

Useless Wooden Toys

Oh those Furni boys are at it again!

Renowned artists VC Johnson, Natas Kaupas, Ben Tour, Fighting and 23 other artists, including eight from the Lifetime Collective, will clock in some extra hours this winter as they lend their talents and skills to “Useless Wooden Toys”, a unique art initiative developed by Furni and Rekognize to raise funds for skate4cancer.

The program features 27 artists from the USA, Canada and Europe who will each custom-design a Mullen clock from Furni (which many of you will have spotted at HQ) The 27 clocks will then be auctioned off on eBay from February 11, 2007 to May 27, 2007, with all proceeds going to the skate4cancer organization.

The artists’ completed works will be featured in “Useless Wooden Toys”, a vernissage at Off the Hook Boutique in Montreal (1021 A St. Catherine W.). The “Useless Wooden Toys” display will be unveiled during Know?Show East, the debut of the country’s biggest street, skate and snow trade show on the east coast that will take place from February 11-13, 2007. During the follow-up online auction, the show will make it’s way around galleries in Vancouver, Toronto and a couple select US venues.

Furni’s Mullen is a contemporary wall mounted digital clock in a stylish rectangular shape; it is made of beech wood that is the ideal blank canvas for any artist. The clock measures approximately 16” x 9” and features an “old-school” red LED clock display.

“Useless Wooden Toys” is a concept developed by Furni and Montreal-based Rekognize Design and Marketing. Since its inception in 2004, Rekognize has played an integral role in various charity events and activities tied into the art, skateboard and snowboard industries throughout North America. Programs such as this continue to be a key focus for the company.

For more information on “Useless Wooden Toys”, please contact Oli or Mike or visit

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As cancer continues to dominate the leading causes of death by disease in North America, skate4cancer recognizes major organizations devoted to finding a cure in the near future. While our medium of support may vary, our objective remains: to foster a public awareness of cancer in its multiple forms and an appreciation for cancer-research and support teams within national hospitals. Our initiatives target the youth audience to actualize their potential in the fight against cancer.

Mike Giles and Devin Barrette formed Furni as a backlash to homogenized lifestyle options. Making short-run, hand crafted furnishings, the standout quality of Furni is not only the great finish but the skateboarding titles of their products. Near legendary LA based skater and artist Ed Templeton is immortalized as an acrylic and beech veneered magazine rack, hardman Mike Vallely is a toilet roll holder and innovative Rodney Mullen is a rather nice wall mounted clock. The contemporary and clean lined designs will suit the taste of infamously fickle skaters and many modern consumers

"Giving way to what we do with our lives, something we contemplate daily. In our case its something we use as a tool to create. Create something to put on peoples backs, and not made off the backs of others. The ability to create art, build friendships, spur awareness and finding new ways to keep independent from the uniform standard.

We are a collective of friends, artists, musicians, skateboarders, snowboarders and free thinkers. Living our own lives, creating our own future. Working with people with an array of talents from all mediums, together we are able to help each other cross over our different skills and creativity in new and exciting ways.

Right now our main focus is our clothing line, but moving forward we feel the possibilities are endless and look forward to the road ahead. The best way to describe what we are all about would be to say that the lifetime collective is a Work In Progress meaning it is never finished and ever changing, giving it the ability to adapt to new environments and bring on new talents at all times."

Rekognize is a unique design firm that offers clients in the action sports, fashion and urban industries unparalleled quality and services. The agency’s structure ensures that each account receives personal, dedicated attention from experts specializing in all aspects of the field from brand planning to initial concept, spec design, sampling and production. The company's in-house network of specialists includes graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers, illustrators, industrial designers, copy editors, marketing executives and public relations professionals. Rekognize is the exclusive sales and marketing agency for Lifetime Collective in Quebec and also provides design consultation for the brand.

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