Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cozy Cardigans

Sweet mother of Jesus it's getting cold! Even a former Winnipegger can admit that it's getting a little brisk out there. Time to break out your cozy old oversized cardigan in a brand new way. Or even better, steal one from some guy you know and it will look perfect! Honestly, I just want to pile about 10 of these on right now. For the love of God, when will it end!!!

I'll be bringing in some new reworked sweaters at HQ this weekend by yours truly. They'll be in the guys section, but really ladies, don't be afraid to dip over to the manly side of the store for some slouchy finds to balance out those skinny jeans and heels. Also, check out the stunning sweaters we have by local Montreal talent Majolie, they are the perfect balance of good looks and warmth.

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