Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Light Show aftermath part 1

"Divine Forest Light" by Jen Storey

Hats off to Jen Storey for pulling off curating an amazing show! Not only did she make a gorgeous piece for the show (above) but she put together one of the best received shows to date. If you missed it, here are some pics of opening night. The show will run for the rest of the month, so make sure you check it out before it's too late. Unfortunately I don't have decent pictures of all of the work. It's not so easy to take pictures of lamps, you know.
Aria and Mark
Katerina Bedregal & friend
Marc Simard and Melissa Del Pinto infront of Melissa's beautiful work.
"Sprouts" by Tyson B.
"Buttermilk Sunshine" by Poney of Prey
Amy, Milena, friend and Jen
"Pyramid Bubble Box" by James Kerr
"Relic" by Ben Williamson
"Picnic Day Bear Lamp" by Aya Kakeda

works by Amy Wong
Jill and HQ DJ Garry Vickers
untitled by Amber Albrecht

headpiece byAdam Gorley

Thanks again Jen!

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mad-ame said...

amber albrecht, who knew! i used to work with her ;)