Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day wonderful friends!

Remember Valentines Day in elementary school? The great cards you would get? My mom still has all of mine tucked away somewhere in the basement. Thank goodness for moms!

I remember one card distinctly from this boy in my class, who shall remain unnamed for privacy purposes. He was REALLY into computers, and this was the mid-80's, so that was still a bit of a nerdy thing to be into. OK, totally nerdy actually.

His parents were super smart, they played in the Boston Pops symphony, and he was also incredibly intellectually gifted. He was literally BUILDING his own computers in grade 5, and started learning Japanese by audio cassette in grade 4 English class since his english was already so far advanced. And he wore corduroy pants a lot.

Anyhoo, I remember the card he gave me in grade 4, because at this time he was convinced we should all start writing in all caps in a digital type font since computers would be taking over all forms of writing, and of course at the time there was only one "computer" font. So I received the following poem, handwritten in "computer font" on the back of my card (It's also funny to read the poem in either a nerdy voice, or a computer voice):

Roses are Red
Microchips are blue
something about motherboards (can't remember it all)
And I like you.

And that, my friends, is the essence of Valentines Day.

UPDATE: Later in the same year I went to the same boys house for a Lego playdate with another girl and boy. Looking back, they had fabulous retro decor in their house, a grand piano, and A LOT of lego.


Nessajoe said...

I can't stop laughing after reading this entry. I know EXACTLY who you're talking about! And at least you didn't live 2 doors down from him like I did!! I attended many a playdate - usually to Wheel of Fortune (on the computer of course).

Angie & Tyson said...

AH HAHAHAHAHAH.... that is hilarious! That's true, he could just saunter over in his Cricket sweatsuit and hang out anytime he wanted.