Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring = White Pants

I still remember when I first started REALLY getting into fashion, in grade 6 or so. I told my mom I would no longer need her help shopping, other than driving me to the mall of course, and that I now held my fashion destiny in my own two hands, I would be buying all my own clothing from now on. Except of course for winter boots and coat, way too expensive.

So I busted my butt babysitting to get the latest colour of Club Monaco sweatshirt, and saved every penny for a great pair of fashiony (as opposed to Westerny) rust coloured ankle height cowboy boots. But the piece de resistance, in the summer of '95 perhaps, was the pair of white jeans I finally got. Oh of course I already had red jeans, plum jeans, forest green jeans, pale pink jeans, indigo jeans, black jeans, and I think one other colour I can't remember right now... but the white jeans, oh the white jeans.

I remember wearing them ALL THE TIME, I felt like they went with every top I owned, and looked really great with my black suede desert boots. Even though it is totally impractical for a 15 year old girl who lives in the country and goes to bonfire parties to wear a pair of white jeans, I loved them to death a)because my mom thought it was a bad idea to buy them and b) because I had bought them all on my own.

Well, it's time to worship at the alter of the white jeans again. For spring MX has put together the Penelope slim fit jean with a nice stretch twill fabric. I like that they're not quite as heavy as denim, but not so thin that everyone can see your undies. Although I would still avoid wearing the red and purple polka dot ones, that's just asking for a lot! Check out the pic above for a cheeky take on wearing white jeans (Jude, that fanny pack is for you!).

We've organized a little denim table down at HQ for spring, so come on down and check our our assortment, try a few on and then call your mom and tell her that you're old enough to pick out your own clothes!

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