Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jessi Taylor, Queen of the Hammer!

Cast into sterling silver from the foot of a sparrow, then oxidized.
These feet come in many different positions.

Sadly summer is on its last leg and fall is on the way. On the other hand, fun new designs are flowing in from all the new designers we've been researching this summer. The newest member of the HQ family is Seattle, Washington jewelry artist Jessi Taylor.

The more the better! made of sterling silver and stamped all around
with dots, then oxidized.
Don't expect a perfect circle - these bangles each have
their own lumpy personality.

Jessi has been silversmithing off and on for about ten years, but has only been officially in business for the last year. It all began with a few metal-smithing classes at her local community college. After learning the craft, she then took about 6 years off to travel and just screw around. Often the best form of inspiration in our opinion! She then got serious again four years ago and enrolled in the university of Washington, and last spring received a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in metals.

Jessi loves to hammer stuff! Especially on concrete!
These earrings are inspired by city sidewalks that have been
polished smooth by millions of feet.
Made of oxidized sterling silver.

With the main goal of making interesting, unusual, quality jewelry the business began. She often works with found objects and alternative materials, but also just loves plain ol' metal. Basically this girl just makes stuff all the time.

Small, tasteful, yet eye-catching, these little accents
come in a wide assortment of designs.
Each one is hand-stamped with zest, and paired with
either an identical twin or complimenting mate.

Everything is made of sterling silver (and sometimes a little gold), and everything is handmade by Jessi herself - so no two things are exactly the same. She also really likes it when something has the marks of construction on it; so you will find a lot of her pieces still have hammer marks, wonky shapes and little imperfections - it makes each piece unique and special.

For the indecisive amongst us

And luckily for us, that's just the way we like things at HQ, a little imperfect and perfect for you. My favorite piece: the delicate sparrow feet, creepy to some, delicate and gorgeous to me!

If you're interested in custom stuff, she also does that too. Check out her website for some of the one-of-a-kind pieces she's made.


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