Friday, August 10, 2007

Last Chance for Summer Goodies

"What? I thought that was half the fun of
Saturday shopping at HQ!"

Well, I won't tell you who said the above quote, but it was actually more than one person...

Just a little friendly reminder that we're going to be clearing out all our spring/summer stock soon to make room for fall. All those gorgeous tops, dresses and skirts from Valerie Dumaine, Anastasia Lomonova and Soi Disant are now on sale! If you're pining after something from these collections better come down this weekend and try it on, 'cause it's going to be gone for good in a couple of weeks, and all the new fall stock will start pouring in.

Also, if anyone wants to come down to HQ on Saturday to say "hi" I will be running the store sans Tyson as he will be embarking on a 4 day canoe trip into the wilds of Quebec. I believe he mentioned this earlier, but also don't forget we will be closed on Monday and Tuesday as well since he won't be back until Tuesday night, and I will be at work at the full time job, designing up a storm.

So stop by and say "hi", try on a few things for fun and enjoy the nice weather we're supposed to get tomorrow!

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