Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Outfits of the Week: August 8/07

I'm back, Tysons reign of terror is finally over! He does three little posts in a row and now he thinks he's the best thing since sliced raisin bread (so much better than regular bread). Without further adieu, I bring you the outfits of the week:

Chiffon blouse with small collar by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), brass horsehead necklace by Liv & Lucy (Ottawa) vintage leather belt with brass details, and linen/cotton shorts by MX Jeans (Montreal)

Love the pattern of this blouse, and the elastic casinig at the sleeve cuff makes it comfy yet a little more tailored.

Pink plaid dress by BLUEprint (Montreal) with black button details. This dress can be worn as a halter or tank, the straps adjust at the back.
Horses necklace by Charcoal Designs, vintage white leather clutch purse

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