Friday, August 10, 2007

High Time for a Change

High waists all around, Dazed & Confused

So I've discussed the high waisted jeans thing before on the blog, but I just wanted to throw it out there again, since I know it must be on everyones mind. OK maybe it's more on my mind because I design clothing for a living, and jeans comprise about half of the line... But hey, I think we need to figure this out, what is the best way to wear high rise jeans and not look frumpy but rather, chic in a wonderful 70's way (I like to think of old photos of my aunts, or the girls in Dazed and Confused).

So I've pulled together some pics of what I think works, and what DOES NOT. I've heard so many people say "oh, but you have to be so skinny to pull this off". Granted that yes, it may be easier to nip in that waist when you've already got a small one to nip in, but I think a couple of these pics prove that even the skinniest of skinny can make it look bad, and it's more about style than just body type. I also think that a trouser cut or straight leg is a bit easier to pull off that skinny, skinny all the way up and down. Plus it allows you to breathe better. I feel I must also mention that, as a good friend of mine pointed out, this is a hard look to pull off for a girl with a larger than average chest. Since I would not know anything at all about that, I'm going to have to trust her on that one, sorry chesty ladies, prove us wrong, make it work!

And now, the research...

Rachel Bilson, making it work on a petite frame

A corseted look seems to be a good way to go for both shorts and full length pants
(image from

No, No, No Miss Ritchie, I do not approve

Love everything about this, reminds me of Angel Perez, one of the designers
we work with, but with short hair
(image from

Also love everything about this, especially worn with the rolled sleeve T, note the platforms again and
the perfect length of the pants. Time to find a good hemmer ladies!
(image from

This one ain't workin for me either, perhaps it's the shoes? Sorry Mischa! I love that you're giving it a go...

I think shoes are a more important part of this look than I thought earlier....hmmm
(image from

The feminine blouse and fab shades balance out the worn in blues
(image from

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Laura@CharcoalDesigns.Com said...

These are all really adorable looks for this spring! I love looking at pics from a season ago...because now they actually look do-able!